Yemekli Boğaz Turu Istanbul

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By the time dinner is over , the show will start with dance of tambourine and will be followed by Asuk Masuk ( Asuk Masuk is an Imitation Play of Dwarfs) Naz Eyleme ( A Traditional Turkish Melody Musical Performance) Belly Dancer Henna Ceremony ( Bride ceromny before wedding) Turna Folk Team ( Mixed show from diffrent regions of Tukey) Live Dj Performance. After the tour we will drop you off to the your hotel by our shuttle buses.


We have our own D.J

Asuk Masuk

A play of dwarfs , performed by 2 male dancers

Henna Ceremony

Bride ceremony before the wedding

Turna Folk Team

This is ower own special group

Rezervasyon +905322750691