Maiden's Tower

Maiden's Tower


According to the researcher Evripidis, who is a Greek from Istanbul, the land part, which was an overhang of the Asian coasts in the past, was cut off from the coast in time and the islet on which the Maiden Tower was formed.

B.C. In 410, Alkibiades, the Athenian commander, built a tower on this small island in order to control the ships entering and leaving the Bosphorus.

B.C. In 341, the Greek Commander Chares built a monumental tomb on the marble pillars for his wife's islet.

A.D. In 1110, the first evident structure (tower) on this small island was built with the order of Emperor Manuel Comnenos to help defend the city.

After the conquest, Fatih Sultan Mehmet demolished that small castle and replaced it with a small stone castle surrounded by mazgals.

In the earthquake called the small apocalyptic in 1510, tower had been damaged like many buildings of İstanbul. The tower was repaired during the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim.

After the 17th century, the tower began to serve as a lighthouse.

In 1830-1831, the tower became a quarantine hospital in order not to spread the cholera epidemic into the city. Later in 1836-1837 and during the plague epidemic where 20-30 thousand people died, some of the patients were isolated in the hospital established here.

Source: kizkulesi.com.tr

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